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Jan 6, 2011
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Randy Petersen

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P3 just may become a reality as could be P4. #membersmatter Mar 30, 2016

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May 2, 2016 at 11:32 AM
    1. marcwint55
      for those who use opentable to book dining activities, there are restaurants that also participate in the dining rewards mileage programs. If you check you can double dip, and the certificates that you get from open table after accumulating points can also be used at those restaurants getting you miles for free dining.
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    2. marcwint55
      If you need a cheap stay at Radisson for the 50k bonus, check with Matt at the Phoenix Radisson. I got a night for $52.00 plus tax.
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    3. Randy Petersen
      Randy Petersen
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    4. Globalcorp
      Hi Randy,

      I was one of the (2) 10,000 point winners during the live web chat. What info do you need so I get the points? I did try to email you several times but no reply. Please advise.

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    5. Tolarian Wind
      Tolarian Wind
      HI Randy, It's been awhile. Hope things are going well :)
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    6. DeltaExpert
      Happy Birthday Randy! Keep Climbing!
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    7. MarkD
      Hey Randy - Good to see you the other night at Nicholas Kralev's book signing at the Usingmiles.com HQ. Look forward to seeing you again - next time on the basketball court. PS - you owe me 10 bucks. Mark.
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    8. rkleckner
      Hey Randy! We met at the 'Decoding Air Travel' seminar in Denver tonight. I thought it was really good, and went home and purchased it on Kindle, and joined your site. Hope to hear from you soon! Roger
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    9. boyzfly
      randy how do i send a private email?
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    10. FirstClassQueen
      Hey Randy, How are you?it was really nice meeting you awhile back and hope to meet and talk to you again some day soon. Here the deal I still have not gotten my mile point tee yet and i want to show it off can you help.
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    11. Canadi>n
      I'll pass this along, thanks.
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    12. Canadi>n
      Hi Randy. Just received this in an email from Richard Brown (WhyFly) about his MilePoint access:

      milepoint - Error
      You have been banned for the following reason: Sorry, I actually did not mean to allow you back in. I don't think this will ever work..

      Can you please check this out for him. His email is: rbrown@expresscat.net

      Thanks, David
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      2. Randy Petersen
        Randy Petersen
        It's been pretty clear from our members that the constant intrusions to positive dialogue from a small group of members has no place on milepoint.
        Aug 5, 2011
    13. goalie

      Great seeing you at ORD yesterday and send me an E-mail to dbolaffi@pacbell.net as I have a picture to send you

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    14. N670DN
      Hi Randy, I'm really liking the site so far! Hope you are doing good, and congrats!
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    15. theariezman
      This website is simple but quite catchy.
      congratulations and wish you all the best for your new site.
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    16. jbognanno
      Congratulations Randy! Love the site!
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    17. ryandc99
      This site is amazing!
    18. DeltaExpert
      Amazing New Site. This really has some great potential! Congrats Randy
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    19. JohnDeere19
      Today's iPad winner?
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    20. AlaskaAir738
      Love the features of the site, Randy!
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    21. bobsgt
      I see you were last seen viewing page "Page not found". It seems to be a popular thread, but I can't seem to find it...

      I have a really nice FT luggage tag with your signature on it. I took it on a trip OGG-LAX-SJC and back just this past weekend.

      Thanks, RP!
    22. Travelman
      Randy, please thank your team from all of us for all of the long hours i am sure your team is putting in to reviewing all the suggestions and content. Mahalo nui loa !! (Thank you very much in Hawaiian - but you probably already knew that from your travels).
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    23. Jeffie
      Outstanding! I look forward to this 'milepoint' from HOM, et al
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    24. misman
      Best wishes on the new endeavour. Hope to see you and the HOM during my visit in October.
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    25. piqaro
      I am hoping your new site is successful. Maybe less abusive and egotistical than FlyerTalk :p
      I have invited many friends
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