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Jan 6, 2011
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Randy Petersen

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Both P3 and P4 in the mirror are closer than they appear. May 4, 2016

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Jun 18, 2018 at 3:04 PM
    1. Randy Petersen
      Randy Petersen
      Both P3 and P4 in the mirror are closer than they appear.
    2. Randy Petersen
      Randy Petersen
      P3 just may become a reality as could be P4. #membersmatter
    3. Charlotte6969
      Mr Peterson I am INQUIRING about P2 membership I have that allowed FOR Hilton honors gold status IT expires VERY soon. I was wondering if you have ANY information OR offering to continue this as it was QUITE beneficial for ME to travel with my 3 children and its BONUSES
      Sincerely Chantal
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      2. Randy Petersen
        Randy Petersen
        Nothing new but we have received great feedback from the value of that specific membership benefit. We think April may be a great month for Milepoint, so stay tuned.
        Mar 5, 2015
    4. FlyingFree
      Randy: Great to meet you at Whole Foods yesterday!

      All of us who have expanded our world using miles owe you an incredible debt of gratitude. And belated thanks for the seat on Star MegaDo 5. My wife and I now live in Fort Wayne but we get back to Colorado 2-3 times a year.

      Hope that you and your family have a great holiday, and if there is anything I can ever do for you, just let me know.

      1. Randy Petersen
        Randy Petersen
        yea, i love talking miles and points in front of the olive selection there at Whole Foods! Was a wonderful surprise that i am recognized outside an airplane, airport or hotel lobby.
        Mar 5, 2015
    5. kareddick
      Randy, I've missed you at the last FTU and MegaDos. Hope to see you in SEA. Jeanne Maust and I are both coming and hope you have us at the top of your list for Freddie invitations.
    6. MSPeconomist
      Good work on the DL FF program scoop.
    7. Cosmos Human
      Cosmos Human
      Only 420...spaces. Europe main focus. Far East nice. But not imp. NYC-FRA? Not flying into LHR; high fees. FRA-TXL-MUN-CDG-LHR (chunnel) DUB-NYC? Can take trains.
    8. Cosmos Human
      Cosmos Human
      Good Morning Randy,

      I know it has been ages since I've written anything here, or anywhere for that matter. In less than one year I will be leaving my place of employment. I have some cash reserves, but no miles. RTW StarA or OW? I have zilch status and zilch miles.
    9. Arthur arvin
      Arthur arvin
      Wait for P3 / M1?
      Thank you.
      1. Randy Petersen
        Randy Petersen
        If you like Hilton, then you should try for P2 Premium Membership. There may be different partners in both P3 and M1 ... (hint, hint)
        Dec 17, 2013
    10. Randy Petersen
      Randy Petersen
      Now working on P3 and even an M1 (international) Premium Membership. Never, ever a slow day.
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      2. DeltaExpert
        Love that you're always innovating Milepoint!
        Dec 2, 2013
    11. meisss
      Hi randyWhy I already pay for the premier member. Still see the upgrade account in my list. I didn't receive any email or private conversation for the benefit(Hilton gold status)??
    12. Randy Petersen
      Randy Petersen
      Working on "P2", the latest group of benefits for MilePoint members.
    13. Julia Kurnia
      Julia Kurnia
      Hi Randy, I would like to publish a post in the Zidisha blog to highlight the achievements of the Milepoint lending group. We would love to be able to interview you for the blog post, perhaps via a few email questions? If you would like to participate, or would recommend another Milepoint member to participate in the interview, please let me know by the end of the week. Thanks so much, Julia julia@zidisha.org
    14. DiverDave
      Hello Randy. Brian Cohen asked me to contact you about the thank you book we are putting together for Kevin Pinto. I have started threads at both FlyerTalk and MilePoint asking for additional contributions. Brian says you go way back with Kevin, and thought that you would likely want to participate. It's a bit of a short fuze.

      Thank you!
      David H.
    15. Julia Kurnia
      Julia Kurnia
      Randy, I can't thank you enough for lending your support to Zidisha. I understand how busy you are, and really appreciate your taking the time to learn about our organization and to launch the "March for Mini" campaign to encourage other Milepoint members to join.

      Please don't hesitate to let me know what I can do to support your efforts. Thanks again and regards,

    16. SMD4Attendee
    17. SpotOn
    18. kmahadeo
      Mr. Petersen, I've noticed a slight decline in the sign-up bonuses for Citi and Amex. Do you think this is a trend in the industry or just a seasonal occurrence?
    19. Randy Petersen
      Randy Petersen
      Working on two new projects for Milepoint -- both very cool.
    20. Randy Petersen
      Randy Petersen
      Booking tickets for the OWMD2 launch party (surprise!)
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    21. Randy Petersen
      Randy Petersen
      Let the Olympic Games begin. Congrats to England for being great hosts.
    22. Randy Petersen
      Randy Petersen
      Ready for Milepoint Premium Membership launch in July | Celebrating the $3M loan by the Kiva Lending Team | Another major event: SMD4
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    23. Randy Petersen
      Randy Petersen
      Getting ready for the SMD4, and getting ready to help the Kiva Lending Team. Maybe i should put them in touch with each other? Brilliant!
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    24. Randy Petersen
      Randy Petersen
      Working, working, working on being ready for the Freddie Awards.
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    25. Randy Petersen
      Randy Petersen
      Busy penning my State of the Forum address for March 1, the official one year anniversary of MilePoint.
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