InsideFlyer Newsletter: July 5 2017  


Online Check-In Eliminated For Basic Economy

Pay Extra For No Seat Mate

Etihad Airways has added an option with which you can bid to pay extra to have up to three seats near you remain empty during a flight aboard the airplane.

In Center Hemodialysis
The latest trip report pertaining to traveling and in center hemodialysis has been posted by iolaire, who has been gracious to share his experiences over the years.

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No AAdvantage Premium Cabin Seat Availability?
InsideFlyer forum members such as zphelj are reporting having no luck redeeming their AAdvantage miles for business class or first class seats.

Tickets Canceled Because of Anti-Fraud Program?
The fraud detection system of Air Canada has allegedly falsely flagged the valid credit cards of some passengers and canceled their tickets without warning.

Hotel Indigo, Glasgow, Scotland
Although this hotel is part of a lodging chain, uggboy considers the property a “boutique hotel” and recommends staying here.

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Online Check-In Eliminated For Basic Economy by InsideFlyer member Dozer.
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Posted : September 25, 2017 6:28 pm