InsideFlyer Newsletter: August 16 2017  


Ways That Airlines are Profiting From Basic Economy?

Denied Compensation
After being refused a claim for compensation for a delayed flight in Europe, SEA787 is considering using an intermediary and is seeking your advice.

Hotels at Changi Airport?
Could anileze simply walk up and check in at one of two airside hotel properties at Changi Airport on the spot; or must a reservation be booked in advance?

What are the best ways to add photographs and images to trip reports or any other discussions in the forums of InsideFlyer? Click here for more information.

Frequent Flyer Giving Event in Denver in October
Once again, JC1120 is co-organizing an event which is sure to be memorable. All proceeds from this event will benefit the United WeCare Employee Relief Fund.

Chicago: Frequent Traveler University in November
Keep November 17 through 19 open for the next Frequent Traveler University, as tickets for both the Travel Expo and Signature event are now on sale.

Hyatt Regency Amsterdam
Although the stay itself was okay overall, find out why OCP does not plan on staying at this hotel property in the future.

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Ways That Airlines are Profiting From Basic Economy? by InsideFlyer member KIXman.
Bottom banner: Hyatt Regency Amsterdam by InsideFlyer member OCP.

Posted : September 26, 2017 9:18 pm