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Thrive DFT Patch - Cure for Jet Lag  


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March 16, 2015 1:21 pm  


So, I have been going back and forth to Dubai and Rome for negotiations with my job, and normally I get jet lagged really bad on the return; but I had a friend introduce me to the Thrive 8 Week Challenge (my airport / fast food eating habits were out of control) to help me get into better mental and physical shape for my new Road Warrior job. Thrive pioneered a break through in a DFT patch (much like the one's smokers use to quit) that is loaded with time released amino acids, anti-oxidants, vitamins, Omega-3's and some homeopathic metabolism boosters. One nice side effect is that the patch will combat jet lag and I am now able to do these trips back to back with little down time or adjustments to my sleeping schedule.

If you want more information - check out their website to order the DFT patch or their products.
www "dot" thrive_4change.le-vel "dot" com

I am a Road Warrior believer now!!!
Phil Petrazio, Lockheed Martin