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Best use of points: Warsaw-Melbourne  


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January 15, 2018 12:16 pm  

Thought I should ask for advice as the points are starting to accumulate and need advice on how to best use the following points and any future points.
Currently based in Warsaw and visit Melbourne once a year (probably Emirates, Qatar or Qantas), and also fly Warsaw to Tallinn 2-3 times a year with LOT. All replies appreciated!

Qantas FF Points: 85,144
Finnair Award Points: 16,321
Emirates Skywards Miles: 10,200
Miles & More Award Miles: 7,125

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January 16, 2018 12:30 am  

Welcome to IF!

I think the key question is what you want to do with your points. What are your interests, and what are your flying habits? Do you usually fly economy, but would want a premium cabin flight to Melbourne? That will be in reach soon enough with the Qantas points. (Save up for First). Or how about an exotic vacation? Also a possibility. And what does exotic look like to you? Would you like to try a premium class experience on a different airline? That's possible, too.

One thing I would mention is that you have your miles split among four different programmes, but three of them are redundant. You can earn Qantas miles on Emirates and Finnair, so there's not much point collecting in all three. Since your biggest account is with Qantas, I'd suggest sticking to that one. There might be a way to earn Qantas miles between WAW and TLL, I don't know, but not with LOT.

My one rule with redemptions, is never use points for Economy class. Business or better. But where and with what airline really depends on your interests. Miles can be used to save a bit of money on routine travel, or they can be used for a dream trip. Both are legitimate options, but for me the dream trip is the way to go.

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