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Advice needed for next course of action  


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December 18, 2018 4:37 pm  

Hey everyone,

I’ve been trying to find a forum to ask this question and figured I’d try here. I have 60K points with chase sapphire card and 50k southwest points. My goal was to get the companion pass but I was denied the southwest business card (I stupidly applied twice in one month and then they told me the business was “too new”). I want to go to Hawaii in May with my fiancé and have a few ideas in mind to do so. Our original goal was to use the points for the flights as well as a couple nights at a nice hotel, then stay with friends. Here’s what I was thinking:

1. Combine ultimate rewards points with southwest to pay for flights (if SW is flying to HI by then). Doing this would eat all my SW points and basically eliminate my chance at a companion pass.

2. Use Ultimate rewards points for a single flight and pay the rest.

3. Have my fiancé get one of the above cards and add me as an authorized user so we can combine the points. Would this even be possible since I’ve already achieved the bonus points?

4.  Try to get the SW business card again in February or March 

im open to any additional ideas! Looking forward to your input.

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December 18, 2018 6:09 pm  

Hi Adv1989,

First of all the Southwest Airlines Companion Pass is earned after generating 110,000 points from qualifying activity (such as flights, credit card spend) during a year.  You don't have to keep all the points in your account, so redeeming Southwest Rapid Rewards points will not hurt your quest for a companion pass.

Certainly having a Companion Pass gives you plenty of leverage for your points. You're basically getting double value when traveling with your companion since both paid and award tickets qualify for companion travel. If you're able to get there that'll make sense with Southwest about to start selling Hawaii flights.  Bear in mind though that we do not know yet when they will actually launch Hawaii service -- they've only said they are close to selling the flights, not actually flying them!

If your fiance gets a card her points will go into her own Southwest account.  She can redeem her points for your travel.  However her card won't move points into your Southwest account that can count towards Companion Pass.  (She can get a Chase Ultimate Rewards card and they do allow transfers to a spouse's Southwest account, so she can move THOSE points to you, but Chase points moved to Southwest do not count towards companion pass).

Seems like either you want her to start from scratch getting a companion pass, or you want to get one yourself.  So here's what I would do.  Wait a few weeks.  Let's see what Southwest's plan for actually serving Hawaii will be.  And then build the strategy from there.  It will also mean more time has passed and one of you may be better positioned to start the journey to acquire a companion pass at that time.



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December 19, 2018 1:37 pm  

Thanks for the input Gary! I appreciate it.