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House of Tides, Newcastle upon Tyne, England, United Kingdom [REVIEW:PHOTOS]  


House of Tides, Newcastle upon Tyne, England, United Kingdom

Our lunch experiences, May 2017

A week before our holiday in Newcastle upon Tyne, England, UK my fiancé found out there was a 1 Michelin starred restaurant located there by the river Tyne. We decided to try our luck and booked a table for two in such a relatively short time frame. We could even choose our preferred time online.

Lunch at the House of Tides is only available on Fridays and Saturdays. We went on a Friday in May 2017.

We liked the Vegetarian Tasting Menu, because it fit our needs best and sounded on the one side grounded, but also a bit adventurous and was another all vegetarian experience after having had lunch and dinner at the Zirbelstube, which holds 1 Michelin star, in Stuttgart, Germany, which was very Avant-garde and exciting by Chef Sebastian Prüßmann who left this restaurant recently for personal reasons.

The House of Tides is located in a 16th century building near the Tyne river and below the High Level Bridge. The chef patron is Kenny Atkinson.

When we arrived we could spy a bit into the kitchen. It was similar to our experience at Sant Pau in Tokyo, where the structure is postmodern and diners can't look into the kitchen, but pedestrians can.

When entering the restaurant we were warmly greeted and our jackets were taken. The bar on the ground floor was cosy.

We were asked if we wanted to go up to the dining room on the first floor or preferred to have a drink at the bar. We decided to go ahead with lunch, so we were brought immediately upstairs.

The restaurant had kept the original beams and other features. We liked the feel of the dining room.

House of Tides was nearly booked out. Our fellow diners were mostly older and British, but there were some Asian and younger guests too which added to the atmosphere IMHO.

Service was impeccable, warm and welcoming. Having provided our dietary requirements before, they just double checked who couldn't eat what.

We decided to have the complete vegetarian tasting menu excluding the cheese course.

Our still water was sourced from the area [Northumberland] and was called Marlish and suited our meal.

Our signature House of Tides cocktails were Rum Re-Fashioned (rum, brown sugar and ginger bread syrup) and Tropical Tides, made with Durham Vodka, which comes from nearby, plus Passoa, Passionfruit and Mango.

Both cocktails were very delicious and the Tropical Tides specifically brought back memories of sunny and warm holidays.

The meal started with Ewes Curd, Linseed, Apple; Carrot, Fennel, Meringue; Onion, Cream Cheese, Truffle and Feta, Gooseberry, Mustard.

There was cheese on a thin disc, a cone filled with ewes curd and linseeds, a macaroon and a lightly fried cheese with micro greens. All of it was treated as finger food. It was delicious and the different textures and flavors were to our taste and we would have no problems to have it all over again.

Next was a more traditional dish of Fermented Rye Bread and Cultured Butter. Both were excellent.

One of our favorite dishes was the Parmesan Royal, Quail Egg. It was a pastry filled with poached quail egg and a fluid Parmesan sauce. It was quite large and a bit messy to eat, but had great taste and was fun.

This was followed by more traditional courses of Asparagus, Jersey Royal Potatoes, Morels (The mushrooms in his dish were replaced by Tenderstem Broccoli.) and Ragstone [goat cheese] Gnocchi, Spring Vegetables.

Both made us think of the season. They were beautiful to look at and tasty. The gnocchi were among the finest we enjoyed so far during our culinary experiences.

The Gariguette Strawberries and Curry Leaves came in an artistic globe and was a palate cleanser.

The crowning glory was Dark Chocolate, Hazelnut, Gold Leaf - a fantastic light signature cake. The design of the gold leaf on the cake matched the plate perfectly.

My fiancé enjoyed a glass of Royal Tokaj Blue Label 2009 with the desserts which he found wonderful and moreish.

The crockery was equally sourced from Newcastle upon Tyne and surroundings, which we actually liked a lot.

To round up our meal we decided to have green tea and treats, which were caramel chocolates. They were like the Parmesan Royal, large and better eaten in one go. Otherwise the fluid caramel center would spill.

We spent 2.5 hours at House of Tides and were rather sorry to leave after paying our bill of ca. 164 GBP (ca. 191.20 Euro / ca. 212.20 USD) including 12.5 % Service Charge.

We would return again, because we liked the atmosphere, the architecture, friendliness of the young and good looking staff and the memorable dishes. We believe the lunch menu is indeed good value at 55 GBP (ca. 64.10 Euro / ca. 71.20 USD) plus Service Charge, considering the superb ingredients used.

Here are some of our images we took during our lunch at House of Tides, Newcastle upon Tyne, England, UK, May 2017:

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Would we recommend this restaurant to a friend? YES!
Would we want to enjoy again lunch/dinner at this restaurant in our future? YES!

Thank you and safe travels. 🙂

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