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Credit scores and mortgages  

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April 23, 2013 7:04 pm  

I'm not sure what to make of this but thought sharing a "newbie" experience with credit monitoring may provide some perspective an old timer wants to comment on.

My Credit Karma score shows my score at 733 and Credit Sesame at 734. However, Myfico showed two significant score increases over the past 3 weeks. First, it was recorded as 740 then 745 then 756 and today (when I went to cancel my 10 day free trial) it was listed as 762. I'm wondering what is most accurate and what the credit card companies will see? I have a Churn coming up in May and am hoping the Myfico is the most up-to-date accounting of this figure. If so, the OP may want to encourage his friend to get the 10 day free trial of to see what her score is so she has a benchmark to use in her churn, and mortgage strategy.

Good decision vardievard not to have your friend apply for another card now. Her Mortgage should come first.

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April 24, 2013 12:44 am  

I was pre approved for a mortgage in September and my FICO was about 734. When we finally found a house in march I was ready to apply. BUT, I had an upcoming 4,000 bill to pay so I opened an Ink Bold a few weeks before the official application. When I applied for the mortgage my FICO was about 745. I was approved for a 30 year at 3,6% but had to explain why I opened the new credit card. In a quick letter I simply said I opened it for the points. When it got closer to giving me the commitment the underwriter wanted a copy of my Statement from the new cc. I got the commitment a few days later

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