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Luxx Lounge in Frankfurt relative to a United Flight to IAD  


I have priority pass and lost my SA gold status. I'm going to try the Luxx Lounge in FF since it's the only priority pass lounge in Terminal 1 (which I believe is United's main terminal at FRA). I read the location of this lounge and it said "Landside - between Concourses B and C on the Gallery Level, next to the Travel Market (Reisemarkt). If coming from the Sheraton Hotel, proceed across the bridge into the lounge. Transit passengers must leave the transit area and go through immigration and customs to access the lounge. " I have almost a 3 hour layover but does this mean I have to clear German customs AND security or just customs. How long would anyone guess this would take. It will be a Sunday afternoon in early May. If the priority pass clubs in Terminal 2 are a better option, please tell me why. Given the size of FRE I imagine this would involve a lot of walking or a train (but maybe I avoid customs?).
If anyone has actual experience with the location of this club or any FRE priority pass clubs relative to a ADRIA/United sandwich in FRE, please let me know as well as the amount of hassle to get to it to catch a United flight to IAD. I've read the reviews on the club and see it is at best, mediocre. Thanks in advance.

Posted : April 12, 2018 8:29 pm

I can give you a partial answer.

If you clear immigration (which you'd have to do to get ground-side unless your fight originated in Schengen) you'd have to go through immigration and security to get back to your continuation flight. Clearing "customs" may be a misnomer; your bags should go through to your final destination (if in Schengen) or to a customs port of entry (if traveling to a destination outside Schengen) so you don't have to collect your baggage (which is usually what "clearing customs" entails).

How much walking is involved will depend on where you're arriving and from which gate you're departing. To give you a good answer we'd need to know the carrier and the destination as well as where you are coming in to Frankfurt from. It seems you may be continuing on United to IAD; the last time I took that flight United boarded from upstairs in Concourse A, reasonably easy to get to and not too far from where you say the Luxx lounge is located.

Posted : April 22, 2018 3:25 pm