Delta Medallion Upgrades Vanishing  


Achieved Diamond again looking forward to upgrades 5 days with DL Amex priority.. DL selling those 1st class seats for miles (that reduce the closer to travel day), up to 3 days prior while not upgrading existing Diamond (with priority).. Say goodbye to upgrades fellow Medallion members. Shouldn't DL solicitation (every time one reviews their "trip details")  deadline for mileage or paid upgrades stop (at 5 days out) to allow upgrades of existing reservations? As a Diamond, I actually experienced the following AT 3 DAYS before Flight "upgrade for 26,800 miles" and then later that day "upgrade for 17,800" yet all the while (as a Diamond with DL Amex Priority) not being upgraded 5 days prior or even 3 days prior.. I respect their right to continue to offer the purchase of a 1st class tkt purchase up to time of departure but apparently they now block seats to NOT upgrade medallion level  5, days out, 3 days out continuing to offer those seats to anyone willing to buy or use miles to upgrade. If they restrict "Regional" upgrade certificates to day of departure, why shouldn't they use those same rules for the new mileage upgrades? It's simple, your Delta Medallion upgrades have now been virtually eliminated.

Posted : December 13, 2018 7:45 am