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Sears and 25 Points/Dollar  


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[SIZE=3]We live for deals and i’m crazy about them.


This month, Sears is offering 10 Points Per Dollar through the Good Ol’ Chase UR Mall! If you’ve been reading along, you know that it is possible to get 20 Points per dollar by simply buying a Sears gift card through the UR Portal and then going through the UR portal again to use that gift card on what you were going to initially buy.

What many dont remember is that you can also earn an additional 5 Points per dollar by using a Chase Ink Bold at and office supply store. By doing so, you can purchase a gift card for whichever amount, use it on the UR portal to buy a Sears E Gift Card and then use the E gift card again to buy whatever you want.

Some Examples:

I saw that a Nikon D5100 was on sale at Sears for about $550. With this knowledge, I went into Office Depot and bought (1) $500 Visa Prepaid Card and (1) $50 Visa Prepaid Card.

Afterwards, I came home and used these two gift card to purchase a $500 and $50 E Gift Card. After the purchase, I was contacted by Sears security verification department and told them exactly what my plans were. They instantly approved me and I got my gift cards.

I then waited a few minutes and bought the Nikon. The total was about $586, (Taxes) So I used the Ink Bold for the rest. By putting even a cent on my Ink Bold, it is possible to argue later if you dont see the correct amount of points.

Anyways, I ended up listing the camera for about $589 on Amazon and it sold the next day. After the commission amazon took, I received about $542. All in All, I lost $42, which for (25*550) 13,750 Chase Points, Isn’t bad at all. You can even go to the extreme and say that I actually made money. If I were to convert those points into cash, I would have ($130-44) $96 Profit!

I plan to add these points up for a trip to Bangladesh soon, so thanks Sears!

I’ve had success with this, and so if anyone else hasn’t/has, post in the comments below!

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Posted : August 15, 2012 12:15 am