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Delat Skypesos & Their Horrible Award System  


This past week, I was spending some time getting “acquainted” with the Delta reservations system. For some reason, I thought it was a good idea to gain Medallion status for the Delta/Skyteam alliance. Not only do they have inflated point ratios to Hawaii (65,000 almost all the time), but they somehow happen to have really bad routings as well.
Case in point: A recent trip for a client booking from Houston-Sydney

A normal Business/First roundtrip ticket costs a “Max” of 180,000 Skymiles. Somehow, the reservation was coming out to 240,000 points & $890 in Taxes.

The routing in question was from IAH-SLC-LAX-SYD & SYD-LAX-SLC-IAH. I was perplexed as to why it was coming out to this much! Especially since I wasn’t using any Skyteam partners and the entire booking was on Delta metal.

I sat there in amazement for a bit and then wondered if it would be cheaper to go from a Delta hub like Atlanta. Of course, the price somehow ended up being 305,000 Skymiles! Seeing what a fail that was, I decided to try something else.

A Multi-City itinerary from IAH-LAX-SYD & SYD-LAX-IAH was made. In addition, I selected the SAME EXACT flights that quoted me 240,000 points. To my amazement, the new total came out to be150,000 miles and $893 in taxes!

I opened a new tab and checked my initial quote and sure enough, 240,000 miles again! I was shocked that the same exact itinerary was priced out at 150,000 just because I went through Multi-City and not Round Trip.

Can someone please explain to me the benefit of this ridiculous and horrid reservation system? This happened to me a while back as well with a Bahama trip booking as well.
Either way, I rarely fly Delta and am still considering whether or not Medallion is worth it. I personally value Delta at a really low value of 1.5 CPM because I really cant justify it being higher than that. Especially because you cant book first class internationally and because honestly, Skyteam Partner Korean Air has a better award redemption rate!
Delta Haters/Lovers sound off below!

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Posted : August 16, 2012 8:29 am