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A Trip To Hong Kong Part 2  


This is the second installment of our whirlwind trip to Hong Kong.

We landed in Hong Kong from Kuala Lumpur. After spending 2 days in Langkawi and 4 days in Malaysia, we were ready to spend a night in Hong Kong before heading back to Los Angeles. Our booking worked out perfectly because American Airlines doesn't allow stopovers in foreign countries. We worked around this by landing in Hong Kong at 1pm and scheduling our departing flight at 12:55 pm the next day. This was possible because in technical terms, you can "connect" if the next flight is less than 24 hours. This turned out to be a perfect 23 hours and 55 minutes! Tip: we were scheduled to come back in Economy because there was no Business or First Availability. True to the Cathay Pacific strategy, I called a day before we left Malaysia and Cathay released business class availability. We reticketed our itinerary and got business class! The trick to use here is to go ahead and book Economy if you're eve on Cathay. Then, 1-2 days before the trip, Cathay will PROBABLY release your desired seats. I say probably because I have booked about 14 Awards so far using Cathay and 12 of those were able to upgrade to business by calling in 2 days before.

After landing, we proceeded to go to the limousine arrival area. Tip: Before we left Malaysia, I was in talks with our World Elite Concierge service. They were able to find a pretty good deal from the airport to the hotel and back the next day. I did my own research and couldn't find a rate lower than $125 USD each way for a Mercedes transfer. My World Elite concierge was able to find a negotiated rate of $50 USD each way. At first, I was skeptical but when I saw the car, all my worries were relieved.

[SIZE=11px]Our Mercedes Transfer[/SIZE]

The car ride was pretty good. We were offered water and got to our hotel in about 45 minutes. At the time, we used 14,000 AA points to book a room at the ICON hotel in Hong Kong. The regular rate for this hotel is about $250/night. The ICON was also rated as the #1 hotel in Hong Kong according to Tripadvisor. It had great reviews and when I got there, I realized why. The entire hotel is just extremely modern. Everything from the check in to the hotel room is ridiculously tech-savvy.

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$50 Flat Rate Award Travel Booking Fee. No Per Person Fee!

Posted : August 29, 2012 7:10 pm