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Everyone knows that Credit Cards are the easiest ways to earn points. With that said, we’re going to be applying for a few credit cards.
The Trick is to apply for all of these credit cards on the same day so that none of the credit card companies see the inquiries! It takes a day to report an inquiry, so if you apply for a Chase card on the same day as a American Express card, the latter will not see the inquiry.
Also, if applying for cards under the same bank, use two browsers to apply on the same day. For example, Use Google Chrome to apply for American Express Platinum, but use Firefox to apply for Starwood.
I don’t advertise credit cards on my blog because that’s just not how I want to make money. I don’t link them to other sites either. All of these cards are easily available on their respected sites.
Here’s the plan:
1 American Express Platinum card
[*]$450 Annual Fee, but it’s waived for first year if you go through Ameriprise.
[*]Access to Delta, US Airways, American, & 600+ Priority Pass Lounges. (Good for my mileage runs coming up!)
[*]Adding Cardholders $175 waived again if you go through Ameriprise.
[*]No points bonus
[*]Instant Starwood Gold Status!
[*]Other Benefits you can read about when applying
[*]$200 Airline Credit
[*]Global Entry Credit ( I was just approved!)
3 Starwood American Express Cards (2 Under Mom, 1 Under Dad)
[*]Can sign up for personal and business card.
[*]Each comes with 30K bonus after 5K Spend
[*]Total Points: 90,000
[*]5 Elite night credits per card
[*]Transfers to a ton of airlines on 1:1 basis
[*]Transfer 20K points to airline and get a 5K bonus!
2 Barclays US Airways Credit Card (1 For Mom & 1 For Dad)
[*]40K Bonus after 1st purchase
[*]Can apply even if you have the card (should wait about 6 months)
[*]Access to Star Alliance at low redemption rates
[*]Total Points: 80K
2 Chase Hyatt Cards- This is where it gets interesting because after I bought the AMAZING $59 premium membership to Milepoint, I received instant platinum status with Hyatt. If you apply for the Hyatt card and are platinum, you get 2 Free Nights + 2 Free Suite upgrades that last up to 7 nights each!
[*]2 Free Nights + Platinum 2 Suite Upgrades x 2
[*]If you’re not platinum at time of application, upgrade to Platinum
[*]Total: 4 Free Night & 4 Suite Upgrades
2 (MAYBE) Chase Ink Plus Cards
[*]50K after $10K Spend in 3 months or 25K after first purchase
[*]Not A Charge Card (You dont have to pay off every month)
[*]Same 5X Bonus at Office Supply Stores
[*]If you have Ink Bold, it counts as a new application

I’m maybe on the Ink Bold Plus because we have a Chase BA & Chase Sapphire + Bold Card. Might Hold off for another 90 Days.

80K US Airways
4 Free Nights + 4 Suite Upgrades that can technically last 28 Days
Maybe 100,000 Chase UR Points that transfer to United!

$50 Flat Rate Award Travel Booking Fee. No Per Person Fee!

Posted : August 20, 2012 11:03 pm

Nicely done. There is the pesky matter of fulfilling the minimum spend, though. 🙂

Posted : August 22, 2012 7:02 pm


Quasiconvexity, post: 1539212, member: 341 wrote: Nicely done. There is the pesky matter of fulfilling the minimum spend, though. 🙂

Spend is the biggest issue, but I think I have it down. You know, I do go to a cash strapped University 😉 Tuition has been steadily rising...

$50 Flat Rate Award Travel Booking Fee. No Per Person Fee!

Posted : August 22, 2012 8:25 pm