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[Sticky] Advanced Star Alliance / Oneworld Award Planning with Award Nexus  

Award Nexus

Award Nexus is an advanced award planning service, specifically designed to help speed up planning of premium first class, business class, or complex multi-segment award trips.

Feature Highlights
[LIST][*]Supports award search for all 28+ Star Alliance carriers and 10+ Oneworld carriers
[*]With one click you can initiate a search across days, routes, and airline sites
[*]Results are presented in an easy-to-use calendar or table viewer
[*]More advanced tools available, such as Route Explorer, Search Builder, and Mileage Calculator
[*]An automated daily search helps you monitor future award seats opening

Two tiers of membership are available. A free account is offered to select community members. It comes with a 100 points deposit (which is good for about 15 weeks of award searches). Furthermore, every 90 days, you can request a 100 points refill.

Premium membership options are also available. Your purchase gives you a set amount of points, expanded usage allowance, and access to more advanced tools, including the automated search. Many serious mileage redeemers find it worthwhile to purchase the premium membership to plan their upcoming award trips.

Sign Up

Please see this thread for information on how to sign up for the free account.

Community Discussion

Please use this thread to discuss feature improvements or questions about how to use Award Nexus. If you have specific membership or billing concerns, please email your inquiries directly to [email protected].

Posted : February 10, 2011 8:20 pm

Kilroy was here.

Posted : May 12, 2011 11:35 am
Award Nexus

Upcoming Announcement Preview

Things have been relatively quiet in the last few months. However, in the coming week, a newsletter will be going out, with highlights of some new tools and new enhancements. Here is a partial preview:

New Tools / New Features

A new Distance Pricer is now available, helping you to quickly compare costs of distance-based awards across 21 different combinations of mileage programs, AMEX MR, and SPG points.

Improvements have been made to Route Explorer, so that you can include or exclude specific airlines, or specific routes.

Mileage Calculator has been renamed to Trip Calculator, and now gives estimate of your time spent in traveling. Put in your year's worth of travel and see how much time you spent in layover!

The award viewer has been enhanced in more ways. Airport codes are now consistently displayed, trip duration is available, you can use the new text-filter box to quickly show or hide flights, and a new layover calendar view gives you a quick-view of which itinerary may have long, airport change, or overnight connection.

These new features are now public to all members. You can log in and try them out.

Airline Sites / Backend Improvements

Those of you who have used the BA site manually in the past know how frustrating it is that available BA flights will often hide all other Oneworld partner flights. The Oneworld (BA) backend now intelligently forces the display of Oneworld partner coverage for you, by automatically trying several start dates.

Thanks to recent upgrade to the CO site, Star Alliance (CO) now searches separately for three-cabin First class and display all mixed cabin information.

Premium Enhancements

A oft-request feature has been added to the automated search, allowing you to specify a text-filter that will be used to highlight any desired flight. You can also set the alert to email you only if your desired flight is found.

Premium Expert members now have access to search for up to 9 passengers (where available), and additional multi-cabin selection (3-class with First highest, 3-class with business highest, and 4-class). More expert-level recognitions are on the way.

@:-) There are more announcements, along with a bonus point promotion that is open to all members. Keep an eye for the newsletter for the details.

Posted : May 18, 2011 5:27 pm