bug reports & websi...

bug reports & website suggestions  


I'm surprised there isn't a thread here yet with bug reports & site suggestions for the AutoSlash guy.

I have two suggestions to start off with:

1) If I'm doing a walk-up to an airport location (or getting there in any other way that does not involve flying), many car rental companies waive or don't do the steep "shuttle" or "airport convenience" surcharges. If there was a way to specify this in the form where I am setting up my rental, that information might be able to be passed along to the booking engine so the estimated price could be properly adjusted down.

2) The e-mail address fields should be a bit smarter about reporting errors. I accidentally put one space after my e-mail address and the site reported "you can't have special characters like % or $ in your e-mail".

Posted : February 26, 2012 9:09 pm