Sky High Lies: FAs have to stretch the truth to hard sell credit cards after AA guts AAdvantage  


AA's FAs-who probably work a lot harder than those seeking to feed off the dreadful experience of modern day flight, now have to do a lengthy and misleading-actually untruthful-announcement that makes it appear that earning miles will result in free travel to exotic places. in fact, credit cards could once buy a lot of people very nice travel, featured no annual fees, and weren't devalued every few months. Now they are #1 on the CFOs 'Things to Decimate Today' list. Thanks to dynamic pricing and various other schemes the hills are alive with sound of miles being sold under false pretenses. Incredible that safety and consumer overseers are so compromised to this cartel-the FAA was rebuked by a federal court for being so in the tank. Will the ink even be dry on your credit application before the program is finally cremated? Or taken down by the authorities or class action lawyers?

Posted : August 28, 2017 6:04 pm