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Dear Cartel Please stop using employees, hurricanes & the country to hide your antisocial pathology  


What can be clearer after the past six years that the aircartel has but one objective: to make, come what may, whatever the cost, as much money-ethics be damned-as possible. This has created an industry where the CFO working exclusively from spread sheets and algorithms calls all the shots-if it works on paper, it works. Your fares to the Carribean were and will be again obscene and totally collusive to boot. You will offload every possible employee or collapse their once middle class jobs and use autopilots at the first opportunity. You have no allegiance to your partners, the taxpayers, and invoke the name of the country only to thwart foreign competitors. You will buy aircraft with no special consideration for Boeing and are now in the market for 20 year old planes-forget American manufacturers. You routinely gouge people in difficult, desperate situations (bereavement fares) situations (though with all eyes on you at present your usual rip off fares in crises are on hold). So tell the truth: you pledge allegiance to the hedge funds and to paying your execs 200 and 300 xs the salary of the average worker. This can only work if the vast majority of Americans yield to you and do not replicate your insidious, damaging and divisive behavior. If they do.....,

Posted : September 29, 2017 2:18 am