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Cartel Lapdog USA Today: American airports are great (thanks to comfort animals)  


jd power publishing one of those survey's that leave out the important questions---- no doubt underwritten by the airport/airline cartel. Major finding: pax satisfaction is up owing in part (not making this up) to the presence of comfort animals in some airports. Apparently didn't ask people about $15 dollar sandwiches, $4 waters, toiket stalls with passengers lined up to use them, shortage of seats in many airports, jammed hub clubs thanks to overselling and GROUND DELAYS: Also didn't ask if they resent being forced to drive 200 miles because their local airport is being starved or fares are outlandish, or the.forced hub connections that strand scores of thousands each day. To see how much of a banana republic we are becoming, these scam surveys and media fawning offer excellebt illumination.

Posted : September 21, 2017 5:18 pm