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220K miles stolen from my!  


Ouch. So my AA account got hacked on Sunday 8/13. Got an email alerting me that miles were used to book a ticket. Didn't look right and by the time I called AA just minutes later, I found out that three trips had been booked - one of which was actively in the air. All were tickets were booked using a different credit card (not mine as I don't keep one on file ever) but wiped out my miles.

Spoke to a couple of different phone agents that day that assured me all would be OK...I was lucky to catch it so fast...blah blah. Called back on Monday per their request to talk to Customer Service and go through the process of getting a new AA number and set up a new profile. Went through the questionable PNRs again and validated everything.

Heard nothing back all last week. Called again yesterday as I was a little surprised that the miles for the two trips that were not yet flown were still not back in my account. Was told now that their policy is that the investigation could take up to 6 months to complete and no, I could not speak to anyone to get a little more clarity.

Wanting to book a trip in a month or two for my family with the miles, but obviously now am in a holding pattern. Not sure if there is a logical next step I should take. Thoughts??

Posted : August 24, 2017 11:06 pm

so, no additional thoughts on how to best handle this - other than to wait it out? 🙁

Posted : August 25, 2017 5:19 pm

That does not sound right/fair.

Are you not able to just cancel the tickets that have not yet flown and have AA waive any applicable re-deposit 'fees?'.

Why can't AA re-instate the miles to your account and their investigation could be to waive the redeposit?

You should also be able to cancel the one that was actually in the air if they have not yet flown on the return.

Call AA CS until you get someone who can give you a more definitive answer. Also contact AA CS via email. Offer them solutions that work within their 'rules.'

Yikes, this from
[*]American Airlines assumes no responsibility for and is not liable for any unauthorized access by third parties to a member's account and/or account information, including but not limited to any unauthorized award transaction made from the account, except as provided under applicable laws. American assumes no obligation or duty to re-credit any unauthorized mileage withdrawal made by third parties; however, American reserves the right to review, in its sole discretion, requests for re-crediting unauthorized mileage withdrawals provided such request is made to American within three months of the unauthorized withdrawal. By accessing your AAdvantage account on, you agree to the site usage policy.
Good Luck

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Posted : August 25, 2017 5:43 pm