JetBlue Award Flash Sale: 25% off Your Flight

JetBlue is notorious for its “flash sales,” which come in email form and are only good for a few days. And while the sales are usually for revenue tickets, today’s will help out those of you who have been accumulating TrueBlue points.

The JetBlue Award Sale

A minimal number of restrictions

This promotion has fewer restrictions associated with it than your typical one does. The biggest one is that you have to book sometime between now and August 4, which means that you don’t have long to decide where (and when) you are going. You have a two month period to fly, with the only full black-out period between October 6 and October 16. Flights are also restricted to Monday thru Thursday, as well as Saturday. In other words, it’s going to be tough to pull off that weekend away.

Head here to see the sale, as well as the terms and conditions.

Don’t Have Enough Points? Skip It.

JetBlue will, of course, be happy to sell you points if you don’t have enough to book your reward flight. Buying points directly from the airline is rarely a good deal, and this one is no exception. Even if you buy the maximum 30,000 points, you are still paying $825, or 1.8 cents per TrueBlue point (They throw in a 50% bonus, an additional 15,000 points.). True, this sale will increase the value of those points by 25%, meaning that 45,000 points will get you 60,000 points worth of value. Since I value TrueBlue points at approximately 1.5 cents each, you technically come out ahead by buying the points ($900 of value). But you will then have to use the points right away, or their value drops. Also, if you buy the flight outright, you’ll earn points instead of using them. Buy with a JetBlue credit card and that “rebate” goes even higher.

I’ll stick to my usual philosophy: Unless it’s a ticket, if the airline is selling it, you probably don’t want to be a buyer.


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