InsideFlyer’s $1000 Pay It Forward 9th Day of Christmas Prize

Today is the 9th Day of Christmas in InsideFlyer’s 12 Days of Christmas contests. The prize today is being given in the spirit of the true meaning of Christmas, and can be seen as a kind of Christmas miracle. The winner in today’s contest will have $1000 to “pay forward” and share with a cause. Wow.

It’s a powerful thing when you are fortunate enough to be able to pay something forward rather than keep the gift yourself.

Having a little heart
Sharing is Caring

InsideFlyer will donate the $1000 cash prize directly in the name of today’s contest winner. It can go to a favorite charity like ASPCA to maximize the help abused and neglected animals are given during the cold months, or donated to an organization like Camp Boggy Creek where kids with serious life-threatening illnesses can enjoy a fun-filled experience. The $1000 can be given to SU2C in honor of a beloved family member who lost their battle with cancer, or directly to someone that just needs a step up this holiday season.

The generous prize comes from none other than InsideFlyer founder Randy Petersen, who shares a little more of his philosophy here –

M Giving Back Randy Petersen

We each have the chance to spread sunshine, but $1000 really makes the options almost unlimited and maximizes the benefit. Imagine how far a donation in that amount can go. It really touches my heart to learn about such an amazing prize. Can’t wait to get going?

Here’s how to enter the contest –

Click here to get registered, and you’ll receive a daily email with details on prizes and how to enter each day’s contest. All you need is your email address, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

There’s even an interactive calendar, advent style where you get to “open” the windows each day.

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 7.04.18 AM

If you won, how would you pay forward the $1000? Would you use it to help endangered species? Give to a friend having a tough time this year? Honor the memory of a family member lost too soon?

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Good luck to everyone, and may you all feel blessed this holiday season!

Note that if donated to a 501 (c) or other organization, any beneficial tax deductions ​will be to the benefit of the winner. InsideFlyer is donating the cash in the winner’s name.

Here are the contest Terms & Conditions:

Each day a winner is selected and will be notified directly via email and published on InsideFlyer. In the event a daily winner has not responded within 7 days of the email notification, that gift will be lost to them and another winner chosen at random after the giveaway has ended. You may only enter once daily to be eligible.

When registering for the daily giveaway, your email address will not be disclosed to third parties or sold. By entering the daily drawing, you agree to receive newsletters from InsideFlyer. You can easily unsubscribe at any time.

Prizes are personal and non transferable. Note that it is the sole responsibility of winners for paying any taxes, customs duties, VAT etc that may be applicable in connection with the shipment of prizes.

InsideFlyer reserves the right to exclude persons from the giveaway suspected of entering more than once daily, applying an unjustified advantage or sabotaging the gift giving spirit on InsideFlyer.

The winner(s) will be chosen by InsideFlyer at random from all the day’s participants. Winner(s) will be notified and will be posted on InsideFlyer and in our newsletter. We accept no liability for technical errors that may arise in connection with this giveaway and reserve the right to exclusively distribute the number of prizes specified in the giveaway. We use and its random numbering system to decide the winner.

InsideFlyer has the exclusive right to make final decisions about the winning gifts, participation, etc. If you have further questions about the giveaway, please feel free to contact us.


  1. Bob Deragisch says

    This is truly amazing. If you can’t think of a charity, may I suggest the Food Bank near you? This would provide HUNDREDS of meals to the homeless and destitute, something they will miss out on at this special time of year.

  2. Rammohan says

    Life is all about giving which is hard,but this Prize makes you just think of a noble cause to associate.
    God is Great for giving an Opportunity to awaken our wallets and mind.

  3. Eddie Daniels says

    It is a true blessing to be able to reach out and help someone either directly or through an organization or agency dedicated to helping those in need.

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