More Money For Bags? Bah Humbug Spirit Airlines

More Money For Bags? Bah Humbug Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines is asking for more money to check bags during holiday travel.

More Money For Bags
More Money For Bags

Leading up to the holidays, Spirit Airlines is getting into the “Spirit” of the season by charging their customers more for checked bags. Their website states, “Winter is coming … and that means holidays. Which means more people than ever will be flying Spirit to visit their loved ones. To make sure we have room for everyone’s bags, we’re encouraging customers to pack a bit lighter. So, for travel booked after 8/19/14, for flights between 12/18/14 and 1/5/15, standard checked bags will be $2 more than listed below. Spend less time packing and more time laughing with family and friends this holiday season.” Visit HERE to see what your checked bag will cost you.

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INSIDE|Point: Two dollars isn’t a lot more so it won’t make that much difference to Spirit customers who are used to paying for extras. A first checked bag will range from $36 to $102, depending on when you declare a checked bag or from $23 if you are a $9 Fare Club member. Membership in the $9 Fare Club is $59.95 for the first year and $69.95 for subsequent years.




  1. DaninMCI says

    Keep in mind that Spirit already has lower weight limits even for paid check bags without even more fees. This is a dumb move by Spirit I think. If they would let up on the fees just a little bit people, well current customers would love them more.

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