Jet Airways Revamp

Jet Airways Revamp

Jet Airways JetPrivilege has made changes to the program including adding a minimum miles component and a new mileage redemption structure. Last month, the program put into effect a minimum mileage earning of 500 miles for Jet Airways flights of 500 miles or less (375 minimum miles for JetKonnect flights).

For flights of more than 500 miles, JetPrivilege members will continue to get 100 percent of the miles flown on Jet Airways flights and 75 percent of miles flown on JetKonnect.

As of Sept. 1, 2014, JetPrivilege members can redeem fewer miles for award flights starting at 5,000 JPMiles for domestic and 6,000 miles for international flights. All charges for award flights other than applicable airport and departure fees and other statutory taxes will be eliminated. Some sectors will see a rise in mileage redemption.

“This announcement kick starts the first of the various program enhancements that we plan to unveil at regular intervals for our JetPrivilege members over the next few months,” explained Manish Dureja, managing director of JetPrivilege.

Bottom line: From April 21, 2014, JetPrivilege is a stand-alone company, Jet Privilege Private Limited (JPPL), resulting from its reorganization with Etihad Airways as a strategic partner. Etihad Airways now holds 50.1 percent of the shares of JPPL while Jet Airways holds the rest. Members retained all of their accrued miles through the transition and will see various changes to the program over the coming months. Those who fly short distances often will especially appreciate the changes to the program and the elimination of extra award charges are always welcome. The program looks to become a more friendly experience for their members.

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