Feecation Offers a Vacation from Travel Fees

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Need a Vacation From Travel Fees?

Road warriors can receive up to $1,250 in reimbursements for travel expenses by subscribing to Feecation. The service charges $17 per month and allows travelers to be reimbursed up to $500 in airline fees (such as upgrades, bag fees, booking fees, change fees), $250 in hotel fees (booking fees, cancellation fees, early check-in, resort fees, parking), $250 in rental car fees (late/early drop-off fees, cancellation fees, equipment rentals, additional driver fees) and $250 in WiFi fees (at airport, hotel, in-flight, restaurants, conference centers). The company will pay a maximum of $10 per claim and there is no limit on the number of claims that can be submitted in a year. To submit a claim you must fill out a form online and then email your receipt to Feecation. Claims are processed in four to six weeks and reimbursements are issued via checks. For more information, click HERE.

INSIDE|Point: This may not be for everyone as you would need to submit at least 21 claims in order to break even; however, a frequent traveler submitting two or more claims per week on average could receive up to $1,250 in reimbursements for ancillary travel fees for an annual subscription cost of only $204.


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