Avianca LifeMiles Award Changes

Avianca LifeMiles Award Changes

As of Oct. 15, 2014, Lifemiles is changing the mileage redemption for Avianca and Star Alliance member airlines. Some mileage amounts will remain the same, some will increase while others will decrease. There is a chart with the new redemption amounts at but although it displays the new redemption amounts, it does not display the old, so it’s not easy at first glance to see what the changes will be. The only way to determine the current amount is through the online calculator, or you can visit this link that shows the amount that the different awards are going up or down:

Avianca reports that Star Alliance member airlines roundtrip award flights from North America will increase up to 13,000 miles in economy class and up to 26,000 miles in business class. Roundtrip award flights from Mexico on Star Alliance carriers will decrease up to 15,000 miles or increase up to 14,000 miles in economy and decrease up to 20,000 miles or increase up to 28,000 miles in business class.

In other news, LifeMiles announced an increase when buying miles. Until Sept. 30, 2014, the price is 1,000 miles for $30, plus taxes. From Oct. 1, the cost will increase to $33, plus taxes.

Bottom line: The amount of miles required for an award ticket is calculated based on origin and destination and can vary depending on date. To determine the exact amount required for the tickets you would like to redeem for, consult the calculator at . LifeMiles says, “To maintain a reasonable relation between the miles we charge for redemptions and the commercial fares available in the market, adjustments are necessary at times.”

Although this is mostly bad news for members, with more award flights increasing than staying the same or decreasing, at least the program gave members ample notice. You can book awards at the current levels until Oct. 15, 2014.

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