Yotel Loyalty

Yotel Loyalty

Yotel New York has introduced a loyalty program for business travelers and their companies called TheClub@Yotel. Members receive a 10 percent discount with every booking, dedicated email support, a Yotel gift after every 10 stays, a 10 percent discount card for food and beverages and a 20 percent discount for Yotel New York stays during some holiday and weekend dates. TheClub@Yotel will provide quarterly reports to the member companies to help companies track their spend with the hotel.

Members may choose to attend free, exclusive networking events every quarter called “4 on Four”, which feature four speakers who speak for 10 minutes each about subjects like innovation, entrepreneurship, design and technology. Afterwards, members can network and enjoy food and drinks from the hotel’s China Grill. For more information, visit http://www.insideflyer.com/link/?11573 or email sales@yotelnewyork.com or call (646) 449-7712.

Bottom line: This program was designed for companies who expect their employees to book more than 50 “cabin” nights with Yotel New York within a year’s time. Companies must be approved for membership by the Yotel sales team, taking into consideration the company’s travel needs and past travel patterns. The 10 percent discount is taken off the hotel’s online “Flexible” rate with a standard 24-hour cancellation.

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