Ritz-Carlton Double Elite Qualifying Credits

Members of The Ritz-Carlton Rewards program can earn two elite qualifying night credits for each night stay at participating Ritz-Carlton hotels in 2014.

Double elite qualifying night credits will be awarded to members retroactively for all stays at Ritz-Carlton properties in 2014 starting on Jan. 1, 2014. Retroactive credits will be granted automatically to your membership account as long as you were a The Ritz-Carlton Rewards member at the time of the stay. Award redemption nights are not eligible for elite night credit.

Through the promotion members can earn:
– Silver status after five nights (normally 10 nights)
– Gold status after 25 nights (normally 50 nights)
– Platinum status after 38 nights (normally 75 nights)

For more information, click HERE

INSIDE|Point: This is a good benefit for members who would like to maintain their current elite status or gain a higher level of elite status in 2014.

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