IHG Vegas Fly Back

Register for IHG’s Vegas Fly Back and complete a minimum two-night stay by Aug. 31, 2014 at The Venetian or The Palazzo and earn an airfare credit up to $350 towards one roundtrip airline ticket for a return visit.

Register for the promotion HERE. You must book a minimum two-night stay at The Venetian or The Palazzo and then book a return stay of at least three nights at The Venetian or the Palazzo within nine months to redeem your airline credit.

Airfare credit for your return trip is earned in the following ways:
– Return within three months = $350 credit
– Return within three to six months = $200 credit
– Return within six to nine months =$100 credit

INSIDE|Point: There are a number of important details in the fine print so make sure to read the terms and conditions. The airfare credit is for one roundtrip airline ticket and airfare and hotel must be booked through the ATG travel agency. You must register your airline credit award within 30 days of receiving the confirmation email and there is a 21-day advance booking requirement on the return stay.

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