Hilton HHonors Award Adjustments – May, 06 2014

Hilton HHonors Award Adjustments – May, 06 2014

Hilton HHonors recently announced award adjustments for 2014 and the news is almost non-news (which is a good thing). There will be 25 hotels going up an award category and 14 moving down – that’s just a fraction of Hilton hotels worldwide.

The program also announced that it will no longer make award category adjustments just once a year, but will adjust hotels periodically throughout the year. Mark Weinstein, Vice President of HHonors and Partnerships said, “I believe that through transparency in our communications, we can develop a greater level of trust, which is critical to a healthy relationship with our members. To that end, we want to give members full visibility into any hotel category adjustments – including the introduction of new redemption hotels – so we will be sharing an updated list of adjusted hotels on HHonors.com on a periodic basis.”

The list, called the Standard Room Rewards Update, can be found at HHonors.com’s Using Points page under Standard Room Hotel Categories.

Bottom line: Time will tell if making adjustments to award categories more often than annually will be a good thing for members, but at least now they will have a transparent way of seeing the changes. It would be even better if Hilton gave members a grace period to redeem points at the old rates before they change.

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