Fly-Fi Available on JetBlue

Fly-Fi Available on JetBlue

Fly-Fi broadband Internet is now available on a limited number of JetBlue aircraft with plans for installation to the entire fleet over the next two years. JetBlue will install on several planes each month, beginning with their Airbus fleet in 2014, followed by their Embraer E190 aircraft. Fly-Fi will be available only over the contiguous United States.

During the beta period, JetBlue’s basic Web browsing plan, Simply Surf, will be available for free on flights through June 2014. Services requiring bandwidth-heavy applications like streaming movies and large downloads will be available for purchase on the Fly-Fi Plus plan for $9 per hour.

JetBlue will be tracking Fly-Fi enabled planes and will be posting Fly-Fi flights for the next day’s operations on their blog, BlueTales, at
More information and a list of aircraft installed with Fly-Fi can be found at

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