Alaska's Fly & Buy Miles

Alaska's Fly & Buy Miles

Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan has changed the terms and the cost of its Fly & Buy miles. In the past, members could purchase up to 10,000 miles at the time you book a flight for the cost of $190, plus tax.

Now, the cost for 10,000 miles is $200, plus tax (which comes to $215) – not a big difference, but brings the cost up per mile. At the same time, Alaska made a change to the terms of the offer, a move by the program that was prompted by members taking advantage of a loophole: buying refundable flights and purchasing the miles while booking, and then cancelling the flight, getting the money back but keeping the purchased miles. It was a good way to get miles for the cost of close to two cents per mile compared to buying the miles more expensively through the proper channel.

Now, the terms and conditions of the program mentions this: “Fly & Buy Miles purchased with a ticket that is later refunded will be subject to additional fees at the standard rate of 2.75 cents per mile plus applicable taxes.”

Bottom line: This change was bound to happen and it’s fair for Alaska to make the change. We hope the Mileage Plan members who took advantage of the loophole enjoyed the miles because this loophole is now officially closed.

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