Le Club Accor Hotels

Le Club Accor Hotels


Le Club Accorhotels offers their loyalty club members the ability to earn bonus points each time they “check-in” to a hotel using the Facebook Places application. The Le Club Accorhotels website offers an easy-to-understand guide for the app, including visual guides for using the app on your smartphone and on your computer, a guide to earning badges and a short video demonstrating how to use the app to earn bonus points. To access the app you must first visit the Le Club Accorhotels Facebook page; but once accessed, you can use the app on your smartphone or computer. When you access the Le Club Accorhotels Facebook page, click the “Places by Le Club” link to start using the application.

By logging in to the app via Facebook and synchronizing the app with your Le Club Accorhotels account through your membership number, you can collect themed badges and earn up to 500 bonus points in addition to the points normally earned during your stay. Recording your stay for the promotion can be accomplished by clicking “make a check-in” and choosing your hotel from a drop-down list.

Once you have recorded your stay via the app, your check-in is verified and you can begin earning badges and collecting bonus points. Badges are earned for a variety of criteria, including a badge for your first check-in, badges for multiple check-ins at the same hotel, checking in to five hotels in the same country, checking in to a specific brand of hotels, multiple check-ins at golf or spa resorts and check-ins at five, 10 or 30 different hotels.

You can use the app to check-in via Places by Le Club and participate in the promotion at more than 2,500 hotels worldwide. After logging in to the app, a simple dashboard is displayed showing the total points you have earned using the app and participating hotel locations where you can check-in via the app and earn badges. By clicking the badges button you can see all of the available badges as well as the requirements needed to earn the badges. Once a badge is earned, it will be unlocked and the corresponding bonus points will be added to your account. Clicking the map button displays an interactive map that allows you to see where you have checked-in worldwide, and also shows where your Facebook friends have checked-in.

For more information on the app, visit http://www.insideflyer.com/link/?11304 — To access the app on Facebook, visit http://www.insideflyer.com/link/?11305

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