Southwest Lawsuit Settled

Southwest Lawsuit Settled

The Southwest drink voucher case has been settled, with a value between $29 and $58 million. Adam J. Levitt sued Southwest Airlines in November 2011 when the airline decided to place an end-date on drink coupons that had been printed with no expiration date. The attorney for Levitt, Joseph J. Siprut, says the settlement constitutes a “complete and total victory.”

He continued, “We fought hard for a claims process where physical possession of the old drink voucher is not required. Instead, class members just have to submit a form saying they had a certain number of vouchers that were never redeemed, and they can get replacement vouchers in equal number.”

The drink voucher replacement is for those who purchased a Business Select ticket and received a drink voucher that was not redeemed. There is no limit to the number of replacement vouchers that can be given. The settlement states, “The Class does not include Southwest customers who obtained drink vouchers or drink coupons through the Southwest Rapid Rewards program or as a result of being a member of the Southwest Rapid Rewards program.”

Southwest will be communicating to their customers on the process to request the replacement vouchers. The settlement also requires Southwest to print clear and conspicuous expiration dates on future vouchers, and to honor those dates.

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