Award Booking Help

Award Booking Help

There are several agencies who will help frequent flyers secure an award seat and yet another website to help you spend your miles has recently launched at

Based out of New York, Miles4Flights charges a service fee, but only after the client is satisfied with their itinerary and has agreed to take the award flights.

There is an online form to fill out to start the process that asks for basic information such as your airline preference and available miles or credit card points. You’ll then receive an emailed response from Miles4Flights within 24 hours and the process goes from there.

The fees start at $199 for a Silver package, plus $50 for each additional passenger for an award itinerary with details for you to book yourself; or $249 for a Gold package, plus $50 for each additional passenger that includes booking the award flights. At $999, plus $200 for each additional passenger, the Platinum package offers six Gold packages.

The company also offers a blog at and you can keep in touch via Facebook and Twitter or give them a call at (855) 673-3336.

Bottom line: Similar booking services are available from PointsPros ( ) for the cost of $150 for the first passenger, plus $100 for each additional passenger on the trip, including booking the flights; or $150 per person, including flight booking, with help from So, everything else being equal, for a flight for two booked by one of these services, the least expensive option is PointsPro at $250. For a flight for one person, the least expensive options are PointsPro and BookYourAward at $150 each.

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