The Extra Mile

The Extra Mile

A nonprofit startup, The Extra Mile at, is seeking donated frequent flyer miles to give to family and friends of terminally ill patients so they can visit their loved ones. The Extra Mile was founded by Matt Dimmer, who spent months traveling back and forth between Los Angeles and Michigan after his father was diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer. He realized that he was lucky to be able to afford to travel to be with his father.

“During this extremely stressful span, I spent a lot of time on airplanes, and when I wasn’t focused on the idea of losing him, I thought about people in similar situations who couldn’t afford to do what I was doing,” explains Dimmer on the organization’s website.

“A few months after beginning The Extra Mile, my dad passed away, but not before seeing the early sketches of the plans. I’m creating this in his honor, to help others, because that’s what he would do.”

The organization is in the process of working out how to best allow people to donate small portions of miles, but if you’re interested in donating an award flight, you can get in touch with Dimmer at

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