Marriott Elite

Marriott Elite

Marriott Rewards elite-level members will start the year with some good news. Starting Jan. 1, 2013, Gold and Platinum elite members who are eligible for room upgrades may be able to spend the night in a suite if one is available at check-in and offered by the hotel. The wording omitting suites from elite upgrades has been removed.

The lifetime membership criteria has also changed. In the past, a member had to be a member for at least 12 years as well as meet a minimum points balance and number of nights. Now, the 12-year stipulation has been removed and the threshold amounts have also changed. Now, Silver lifetime is given at 300 nights and 1.2 million points (formerly it was 600 nights and 1.2 million points); Gold lifetime is given at 800 nights and 1.6 million points (formerly 500 nights and 1.6 million points) and Platinum lifetime is given at 750 nights and two million points (formerly 1,000 nights and two million points).

Also, beginning in 2013, Elite Rollover Nights has officially become a permanent part of the program.

Bottom line: Of interest about the lifetime changes is that the amount of points needed for lifetime elite have not changed, but the number of nights needed is quite a bit lower. Suite uprades will make very many elite members happy and it’s good to see elite rollover nights become a permanent feature of the program.

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