Finnair Plus Changes – December, 13 2012

Finnair Plus Changes – December, 13 2012

Finnair has made changes to their frequent flyer program. Now, Plus points will accrue based on zones instead of being kilometer based. And instead of accruing based on booking class, points will accrue depending on your chosen ticket type. With the change, Finnair says that members should earn approximately 30 percent more points than before.

There are now six ticket types: Business (full flexibility, lounge access, 200 percent bonus points), Business Saver (limited flexibility but still lounge access, 200 percent points), Pro (fully flexible, economy cabin, 150 percent points), Value (economy cabin, changes allowed for a fee and partial refund for unused ticket, 100 percent points), Basic (changeable for $200 fee, non-refundable, 50 percent points) and Saver (changeable for $250 fee, non-refundable, 50 percent points). All include at least one free checked bag and at least one free carry-on. Members can mix ticket types on roundtrip tickets.

Tier status levels remain the same. For more information, visit

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