Aeroplan Twitter Exchange

Aeroplan Twitter Exchange

Canadian novelist Doug Coupland on Twitter: “Dear Twitter, I really advise you not to waste your time with @aircanada or @aeroplan. They simply don’t care about customers. … no matter what you do or how much you use @aeroplan program, in the end they give you nothing and they seem to enjoy doing it. … I’ve never flamed anyone like this but @aircanada and @aeroplan have done me over one too many times. There is something wrong with them.”

Mike Clarke on Twitter: “@DougCoupland I’m with Go Public, an investigative consumer show that airs on CBC’s the National. Is there a story there?”

Air Canada on Twitter: “@DougCoupland We’re sorry to hear you feel that way Doug. Pls send us further details here: we’d be happy to address.”

Coupland has 418,000+ followers on Twitter.

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