PointsHound Bonus Miles

PointsHound Bonus Miles

Frequent flyer program members can now earn miles when making hotel reservations through PointsHound.com. New PointsHound members can earn 100 bonus miles when signing up at http://www.insideflyer.com/link/?7615 – confirming your email address and adding a loyalty program to your account. Participating frequent flyer programs include United MileagePlus, Delta SkyMiles, Hawaiian Airlines HawaiianMiles and Aeromexico Club Premier.

PointsHound members earn miles when searching and booking a hotel room through the site. Level 1 members on average earn three miles per dollar spent and you can earn additional miles after reaching booking thresholds. Level 2 is reached after booking five nights, earning about six times the miles, and Level 3 is achieved after booking 20 nights, about nine times the miles.

Like other online travel agencies, PointsHound receives a commission from hotels when you make a purchase, but instead of keeping the money, they “bonus it back to our members in the form of miles and points.” You can also earn 500 extra miles when you refer PointsHound and one of your referrals completes their first reservation booked on PointsHound (they will receive the usual 100 miles for signing up).

Bottom Line: As a third-party booking site, customers who book hotel stays through PointsHound.com will not earn points or miles through a hotel loyalty program, which may offer more miles or points for stays. Before booking a stay, check to see if you can earn more by booking directly at the hotel’s site. For example, Level 1 members making a one-night reservation at the Hyatt Place Denver Tech Center for $189 per night could earn 449 miles through PointsHound or 500 miles per stay when booking at Hyatt.com. However, a two-night stay would earn 898 miles with PointsHound.

If you prefer earning hotel points, you can only earn miles with PointsHound. Plus, many members access hotel sites by going through a cashback portal to receive 2-15 percent cashback on their reservation and still receive hotel loyalty program benefits, including points and elite benefits. But if you are staying at a hotel that doesn’t offer a hotel loyalty program, and do not care to try to reach elite in a hotel program, earning miles through PointsHound is a way to get extra miles for hotel stays. The hotel listings are tied into TripAdvisor to make your booking decisions easier, and we found some bargain rooms compared to booking directly through the hotel website.

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