Award Trip Report – November, 15 2012

Award Trip Report – November, 15 2012

Cathay Pacific to Hong Kong

I had booked three first class flagship seats on American Airlines to Hong Kong, and six hours before departure, I was on the phone with an American AAdvantage customer service representative who said she could get me two seats in first class on Cathay Pacific but I’d have to downgrade myself to business. Because my parents’ anniversary was coming up, I thought it would be nice for them to travel in a premium class together. So I agreed to two first class and one business class ticket to mystical Hong Kong and we were off.

The flight featured the old herringbone design for business class, but I didn’t really care. It was really spacious for me primarily because I’m 5’8. And at this point, I knew nothing of what was going on in first class where my parents were probably being pampered. I also didn’t think too much about it because I was soon covered in the awesome duvet Cathay supplied me with.

A few minutes into the flight, I was served lunch, which consisted of juice, Coke, salad, bread and an amazing beef tenderloin! Shiitake mushrooms added a lot of flavor and the rice topped it all off. This didn’t surprise me because I remembered that Cathay cooks a lot of their food fresh on board.

Overall, the service was really good and exceeded my expectations. I remember waking up, and within minutes, the flight attendant was at my side offering me a Coke. It was a nice touch to see such service in business class.
fter spending two days in Langkawi and four days in Malaysia, we spent a night in Hong Kong before heading back to Los Angeles. We used 14,000 AAdvantage miles to book a room at the ICON hotel in Hong Kong.

American Airlines doesn’t allow stopovers in foreign countries but we scheduled to land at Hong Kong at 1pm and depart at 12:55pm the next day, which was possible because you can “connect” if the next flight is less than 24 hours. This turned out to be a perfect 23 hours and 55 minutes!

Tahsir Ahsan
[tahsir21 on Milepoint]

FFP miles spent:
110,000 Business and 135,000 First (per person)

Hotel points spent:
14,000 points

Approximate fees:
$77 per person

Airline(s) / Routing:

How booked:
Over the phone

Type of award(s):
First and business class award flights

ICON Hotel Hong Kong

Month/year of trip:
March 2012

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