Delta Unpublished Fares

Delta Unpublished Fares

As of last month, Delta SkyMiles members will earn miles at a reduced rate for “unpublished” fares normally purchased through a specialized agent, third party or a group like student fares, consolidator fares, flights included as part of a cruise package, discounted tour packages and group fares. Any flight purchased at is considered a “published” fare and will continue to earn full mileage credit as before.

Specifically, first/business unpublished fares J, C, D, S, I, F, P, A will now earn 150 percent of the miles flown with 100 percent Medallion Qualifying Miles (MQMs); premium economy Y, B, M will earn 100 percent of miles flown and 100 MQMs; economy H will earn 75 percent miles and MQMs, discounted economy Q, K, L will earn 50 percent miles and MQMs and deeply discounted economy U, T, E will earn only 25 percent of miles and MQMs. A minimum 500 miles will not apply, even to the first class flights. The first/business class flights will earn the same amount of miles with the 50 percent class of service bonus, but they will not earn the class of service bonus for MQMs.

Unpublished fares in the Asia Pacific Region are excluded and will continue to earn as before. Corporate fare tickets and purchases made through Delta Vacations will continue to earn full mileage credit but special and unpublished fare tickets will not be eligible for bonus miles or MQM promotions and “may not” be eligible for bonus miles based on your Medallion tier and the class of service bonus. Visit for full information.

Bottom line: One line of the fine print states, “Other exceptions may apply, please be sure to contact your ticketing agent for details.” But for most flyers, this will not be a major change to your earning. Travel booked through sites like American Express Corporate Travel and Travelport will continue to earn as before as well as Government rates and University/Sports Group rates.

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