No More Middle Seats

No More Middle Seats

A new website will monitor seat changes on your upcoming flights and automatically assign you a new seat if a better one opens up. The site monitors seats on American, Delta, United and US Airways (Southwest is coming soon). Registration is free and you will receive complimentary seat improvements on eight flight segments with the no-fee Basic Service. If you want to continue to use the service after the eight freebies, the cost to join Plus Service is $29 per year. As a Plus member, you will receive unlimited seat improvements and the tool will check for better seats multiple times per day. You’ll also receive access to a mobile app, real-time support and early access to new features.

After signing up, you will need to enter your frequent flyer account numbers and passwords so MySeatFinder can find your upcoming flights. Click My Preferences to modify your seat preferences. The default setting will search for Exit Row aisle and Bulkhead aisle seats first, but if you prefer window seats, you can switch the order. MySeatFinder will compare your seating preferences to the available seats on your flight and will book you in a new seat if a better seat becomes available.

Bottom line: For members who don’t have time to check for better seats, this site will do the legwork for you. Some members “have more complicated seating preferences such as forward window versus rear aisle,” writes Milepoint member MSPeconomist who isn’t sure he’d like to be assigned a new seat automatically. You can always try out the service for free to see if you like what it offers.

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