Spirit Airlines 5,000 Bonus Miles

Spirit Airlines 5,000 Bonus Miles

Spirit Airlines FREE SPIRIT members can earn 5,000 bonus miles just for signing up for a sweepstakes at http://www.getfreemiles.com by May 11, 2011. The airline is hosting a Mega Miles Giveaway Tour and will be visiting over 20 cities through May 16, 2011. Members who sign up for the sweepstakes will be entered into a drawing to win one million miles during the event at their city. In other words, you won’t just win a million miles but may be randomly selected to participate in the Mega Miles Giveaway Tour Contest in your registration city for a chance to win the miles. At most registration cities, 750 participants will be chosen to participate and will be sent an email with specific details on how to participate. Of those participating, one member will receive a million miles at each city.

Everyone who shows up at one of the Spirit Airlines tour stops will receive another 5,000 bonus miles. The Mega Miles Giveaway is open to U.S. residents 21 years of age or older.

Bottom line: All members will receive 5,000 bonus miles just for registering for the sweepstakes, but if you aren’t a frequent flyer with Spirit Airlines, keep in mind that all of your miles will expire if you don’t earn additional miles at least once every three months. So if you sign up for the sweepstakes and don’t plan on earning any miles in the next three months, the 5,000 bonus miles will expire. The only way around this rather strict expiration policy is if you are a FREE SPIRIT MasterCard cardholder and use your card at least once every month.

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