SkyMiles Awards

SkyMiles Awards

Delta SkyMiles has finally published their award chart for travel that doesn’t begin or end in North America–in the past, the mileage expected for these flights was not known–members had to call Delta to find out what the mileage redemption would be.

Before the chart was announced, Delta created a stir recently when members starting noticing that intra-Asia awards had increased quite dramatically without any warning from the airline. Some coach awards that were once 20,000 miles for a roundtrip were pricing out at 45,000 miles for the “low” award ticket.

Several days after members started noticing these changes, the award chart was published and it was confirmed that several award flights would now need more miles to redeem. Those traveling to Asia will find the biggest changes.

SkyMiles now has two award zones to Asia instead of one: Northern Asia and Southeast Asia. Coach flights from the U.S. to Northern Asia are now 70,000 miles, up from 60,000 miles, and Southeast Asia flights are now 80,000 miles–if you were set to redeem a coach flight to Singapore, for example, it will now cost you 20,000 more miles. The new award charts came into effect with no warning for members to be able to redeem at the old amounts.

Not all award levels went up, per Delta, “Customers will also see some decreases on premium high level awards between U.S. and Europe, Middle East, Southern South America and Northern Asia because, frankly, we felt some of the levels were getting too high.”

You can access the new award charts at by clicking Award Mileage Chart.

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