Frequent Flyer in Hot Water

Frequent Flyer in Hot Water

The Miami Herald reports that the Miami-Dade inspector general has issued a scathing report denouncing Chief Executive Rolando Rodriquez of the Jackson Memorial Foundation for using $9,000 worth of corporate credit card points for his personal use, for items such as Calloway golf clubs, a $1,000 Saks Fifth Avenue gift card and ski rentals and lift tickets at the Beaver Creek ski resort in Colorado.

“The investigation found no convincing evidence that the board approved of the arrangement, let alone knew about it,” Inspector General Christopher Mazzella wrote. “We found that Mr. Rodriguez’ use of the reward points was not reported to the IRS on tax returns filed by FHS [Foundation Health Services]. The OIG will be forwarding a copy of this report to the IRS for its independent assessment of any relevant tax matters.”

A spokesman for the Jackson Memorial Foundation backed up Rodriquez, stating, “Everything we have done was authorized and within acceptable business standards.”

Bottom line: The article also stated that between June 2007 and October 2010, Rodriquez redeemed over 6.8 million reward points and the investigation by the Office of the Inspector General found that Rodriguez had opened American Express cards for FHS and Jackson Memorial Foundation employees in a way to earn all the points in his account.

Using points you earn during business dealings is indeed acceptable business standards; however, earning all the points from several fellow workers is dubious at best.

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