Buying US Airways Elite

Buying US Airways Elite

US Airways Dividend Miles members can buy their way to elite status by purchasing elite qualifying miles (EQM) or segments (EQS). Even if you earned no miles this year or in 2010, you can buy all the way up to Chairman’s, the highest elite level, for $3,999. Your purchased status will only be valid through February 2012 so you can’t buy EQM or EQS for this year to help you qualify for elite status next year (through February 2013).

Until the end of May, the price to buy up to Preferred will be based on your current or previous year’s Preferred-qualifying activity, whichever is greater. Between June and December, pricing is determined by the number of EQM or EQS you’ve earned this year. For example, if you earned 20,000 EQM in 2010 and buy up to Silver Preferred before the end of May, you can purchase 5,000 EQM for $579. The prices range from $249 for one or two segments or one to 1,999 miles all the way up to 100,000 EQM or 120 segments for $3,999. Go to to view the entire list of fees to buy up to Preferred.

Bottom line: If you were really close to qualifying for an elite level last year, this could be an easy and not too expensive way to buy those extra miles or segments and enjoy elite privileges through February 2012.

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