Priority Club Rewards Trivia

Priority Club Rewards Trivia

If you ever wanted to be a contestant on Jeopardy and demonstrate your vast knowledge of obscure facts, IHG Priority Club has a trivia contest for you. IHG Priority Club Rewards is giving away points to members who are able to answer travel-related trivia questions correctly and are quick with their keyboard. Through April 15, members can test their skills with the Win It in a Minute Trivia Challenge. Every weekday during the promotion, members can answer five trivia questions and each question must be answered within 12 seconds, so you won’t have time to Google the answer before placing your guess. And the faster you answer, the more points you can earn.

The top 50 players with the highest scores each day will win 5,000 Priority Club points and the top 100 cumulative scores each week will win 15,000 points. Each participant can only earn one daily prize per week and one weekly prize per month. The contest is only open to Priority Club Rewards members residing in the U.S., Canada (excluding Quebec) and the U.K. Visit to enter the contest.

Bottom line: Priority Club Rewards has a penchant for running contests and promotions where members can earn points without staying at a hotel or making a purchase with a participating partner. The 12-second time limit for each question means that you will only need a minute to play the game each day. The Win It in a Minute Trivia contest has some obscure questions and keep in mind you are competing against other well-travelled members, so if you aren’t a winner on the first try, you can try again every weekday through April 15.

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