New Mileage Run Finder

New Mileage Run Finder

A member of FlyerTalk has created a mileage run finder. Called MileageBrain, the site will help you find low cents per mile itineraries on your chosen airline from your local airport.

The site is in beta and the creator, Ben Englert, is asking travelers to test it out and give feedback through FlyerTalk at

To get the mileage run information, you are asked if you want to go on a mileage run (0-1) day, mileage jog (up to three days) or all trips (no limit). You can then choose your airport (or more if you prefer) and your preferred airlines.

When we searched “all trips” for flights from San Francisco (SFO) or Oakland (OAK) on United, Continental or US Airways, we were presented with the best deal being on United from SFO to MIA (Miami) for 5,166 miles for $192 which equates to 3.72 cents per mile. The list continued with options all the way up to 112.42 cents per mile on US Airways from SFO to FAT (Fresno) for a flight earning 314 miles at the cost of $353.

When you find the flight you would like, you simply click the “Book it” link and you will be taken to to complete your search.

Bottom line: There is a note on the page that reads, “The system will continue searching as long as you leave this window open.” That’s an intriguing thought for anyone who is mileage run obsessed. The site is definitely a beta project but the searches are quick and this looks to be a great tool in the making for mileage runners. Along with offering feedback when on the site, users can donate toward building it. Visit

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